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An alternative worth considering - benefit from the largest selection of used stairlifts in Austria and Bavaria.

Being mobile is not a luxury
Previously owned chair stairlifts!

As you get older, wanting to live in the familiar surroundings of family, friends and neighbours is not only a decision for a better quality of life, but also for flexibility and independence. 

Sometimes there are situations when a stairlift is only required as a temporary solution or at a time when several urgent investments are needed all at the same time. In many cases, buying a previously owned chair stairlift can be a worthwhile alternative to buying a new chair stairlift - especially for straight flights of stairs.

Our own service workshop

We can offer you this cost-effective option because we take back previously owned lifts and give them a general overhaul in our own service workshop. Find out more about our current range of used equipment on offer without obligation by calling our free information hotline 0 800 / 85 85 55.

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Our previously owned equipment is tested in-house and leaves our company in perfect working order. What you get is a high quality stairlift at a low price.

Your advantages:

  • Largest selection of used stairlifts in Austria
  • Previously owned stairlifts in mint condition at great savings compared to the new price
  • Before we resell used systems, our trained specialists check and overhaul them thoroughly.
  • Only original spare parts are used


The biggest cost advantage when buying a used lift is for straight flights of stairs. The whole of the previously owned system can be reused for this application. For curved flights of stairs, the rails usually have to be especially made because every stairwell is different. So your curved stairlift system will consist of a reconditioned seat and drive unit and a new rail for a perfect fit in your stairwell.

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