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The WEIGL Liftsysteme recommendation programme.

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Dear customer, Satisfied customers are the best advertisement and a big encouragement to our whole team.

Having decided in favour of a WEIGL stairlift, you can now enjoy the many advantages it offers: Mobility and independence are two of them. Our philosophy: Sharing enjoyment doubles the enjoyment, which is why we would like to introduce you to our WEIGL lift systems customer recommendation programme.

The WEIGL stairlift recommendation programme

Please recommend us to your friends and acquaintances and tell them about the advantages of a WEIGL stairlift and we will reward you for your effort. As soon as we welcome a new customer from your circle of friends, as a thank you we will send you a voucher for free maintenance on your stairlift system.

And how does that work?

It's easy, just send us your coupon!

When you purchased a WEIGL stairlift, you also received a coupon booklet for our recommendation programme. Simply fill in your contact information on one of the coupons with the contact details of your friend or acquaintance, and return it to us. We will immediately contact the interested party for a non-committal chat. If the prospective customer then decides in favour of a WEIGL stairlift, we will reward your effort with a thank-you bonus in the form of free maintenance on your stairlift system.

Reorder coupon booklet

If you have any further questions about our recommendation programme, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time on the free Information hotline. If you run out of coupons, we will gladly send you another coupon booklet. Simply fill in the form below or call us free of charge and we will send you the coupon booklet by post. 

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