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Especially in city centres, there is often the problem of a lack of parking spaces for everyday use. An underground car park in combination with a car lift is a solution that is practical for hotels, apartment buildings or private houses in central locations. Without space-intensive access ramps, the driver and car are transported to the parking level of their choice by a WEIGL car lift.

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Custom built car lifts

UNIQUE! Car lift with reduced lift well head (without safety space)

In addition to conventional car lifts, which we install in accordance with Austrian safety guidelines, WEIGL has developed its own type of lift especially for locations that require a reduced well head and has had the design type-approved it in accordance with the EU safety directives. This means that it is no longer necessary to obtain special approval for reduced safety spaces around the limit positions of the cabin.

Design details

  • Cabin, lift well and cabin door panels are electrolytically galvanised
    (powder coated or stainless steel are optional)
  • Cabin floor checker plate, (or, as an option, screen printed plates, stainless steel checker plate or prepared for customer's choice of coating)
  • Floor substructure hot-dip galvanised
  • Lift well and cabin door threshold plates galvanised
  • (or stainless steel as an option)
  • Operation by key switch or radio control (optional)
  • Positioning system (optional)
  • Entry traffic lights (optional)

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