Service lifts

Do you need to lift small loads weighing up to 300 kg over a short distance? Then look no further than a WEIGL service lift.

The all-rounder

The perfect solution

Regardless of whether you need a lift in a restaurant or hotel to transport food and beverages, in a bank or large company to transport files, in a car dealership to transport tyres, or in your own home - a service lift with a load capacity of up to 300 kg is the perfect solution.

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The biggest advantage? Versatility.

Minimum space requirements - maximum benefits

These lift systems are designed on a modular basis and installed without any structural changes except an opening in the ceiling. The space required for a service lift is small, so it can easily be installed in any building.

Its biggest strengths are versatility and flexibility. Quick and easy to install, our service lifts guarantee quality at the highest level combined with a long service life. 

Choose from the following designs of service lift:

  • Sliding doors at waist height
  • Sliding doors at floor level
  • Hinged doors at floor level
  • Sliding door/hinged door combination

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